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Portrait of Apostle Philip and Pastor Alberta Derber

Apostle Philip and Pastor Alberta Derber

Apostle Philip Derber serves as the Senior Pastor of Faith Victory Church World Distribution Center along with his wife Pastor Alberta Derber.  Born again in the summer of 1988, they were delivered from a lifestyle of drug addiction and alcoholism.  From the beginning, God taught them how to live and govern their lives by faith in His Word.  In September of 1992, Apostle Philip and Pastor Alberta pioneered and continue to pastor Faith Victory Church of Frankfort, KY.

Apostle Derber is dedicated to teaching the Body of Christ how to live by faith in God’s Word and how to prosper through the laws of seedtime and harvest.  God also uses him mightily in the gifts of miracles and healings.  In addition to pastoring a growing congregation, Apostle Derber is also the founder of Times of Refreshing Ministries, lead singer/rhythm guitarist/songwriter for the RVN Band, and author with 100 books to his credit.

Pastor Alberta Derber ministers alongside her husband.  She is primarily focused on developing an intimate relationship with God.

In 2015, God reminded Apostle Derber about his assignment to “teach My people faith”.  He spoke to him of his primary call to teach debt-free living and God’s prosperity system.  In the same year, God called him into the Office of the Apostle.  In 2016, God gave him the vision for a Commissioned Apostolic Network, a network of ministries with a similar vision for a great revival awakening marked by a financial wealth inversion.  In this Awakening, not as in other Awakenings of the past, The Blessing of the Lord will be in full array and God’s financial system of seedtime and harvest will be preached around the world.

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About the Network

Commissioned Apostolic Network

“When you think you can’t, that’s when you C.A.N.!”  What is a Commissioned Apostolic Network?  The following is excerpted from the three morning sessions of the Commissioning Conference, June 2016.  Each part of this title will be examined briefly.  The requirements for and advantages of being a part of this network are set forth.  When have you ever heard the word “commissioned” explained in detail from the Scriptures?

And they delivered the king’s commissions unto the king’s lieutenants, and to the governors on this side the river: and they furthered the people and the house of God.” (Ezra 8:36)

Thirdly, the power and effectiveness of the Network is seen in Luke chapter 5.  Here we see the miraculous harvest of fish that Peter received through the Chief Apostle.  It required more than one pole, or even one net and one ship to bring it in.  Peter had to call to his partners to capture this miraculous harvest.  God’s harvest will measure up to the seed He has sown.  His only Son was given for the whole world.  (John 3:16) An exceeding, abundant harvest can best be brought in by a network of churches commissioned with the Apostolic Word of impartation.

What is required of those in the Commissioned Apostolic Network is a commitment of integrity to God’s Word, the Bible, integrity with your spouse, integrity with others, and integrity with God.  The Apostle’s promise to you is that you will never hear a scandalous report about this ministry; but there will be persecution.

What you, as a minister, will receive: (the five “p’s”)

  1. Prayer covering
  2. Prophetic push/pull for destiny to be fulfilled
  3. Partnership
  4. Privilege-access to the Apostle for counsel, direction, and encouragement.
  5. Party- “I’m going to use you to throw Holy Ghost parties”, was the message Apostle Philip Derber received from God.  Barrier breaking miracles are always a characteristic of these parties.

“We Are Not In Competition.”
“We Are In Completion!”

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